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Babies & Food – How To Deal With Them

Posted by James on October 16, 2014 at 11:08 am

baby blue eyesIf you are a woman that has had children, will probably understand all I am saying here. At some point in your life, you are totally looking forward to becoming pregnant with a little boy or girl. And before you know it… you’ve got yourself knocked up. And then in the blink of an eye, you are having the baby that you’ve been dreaming about for all these years. And only a few seconds later, you find out that your little baby requires a whole bunch of attention and care, because otherwise the crying simply will not stop. Time moves really fast when you are having fun. But sometimes, it is hard to be a mommy. Rest assured that time will slow down once things get hard. At the very beginning, having a baby and having to take care of him can be quite overwhelming for some people. It certainly was for me. Your life will be totally turned upside down. But you can’t allow yourself to give up. Mothers can sometimes have serious psychological impacts from having a baby. And these kinds of psycholocal problems can blow the changing of diapers completely out of the water.

blanket babySometimes, you are going to get royally pissed with one of your kids, no matter how much you love him. I am pretty sure that all you mommies out there have often been in the situation where you needed to get some healthy food inside your baby and he simply did not want it. I am sure that in some cases you needed to just walk away from the situation for a few minutes, because babies and kids alike can go against the grain pretty intensively. But walking away when a baby has a bowl of food in front of him is actually not a good idea, as I have learned the hard way. They will quickly turn it into a big big mess by pushing the bowl onto the floor and getting it all over the rug. This is just one example of the type of baby stuff that has angered me at times. But I have learned quickly that it is best not to become angry too much, because it does not help the situation one bit. It has only made me feel guilty afterwards. There is no sense in becoming angry at a baby or a toddler for that matter, for the same reason that it makes no sense to become angry at a cat or a dog. You just have to find a constructive way of dealing with stuff like this.

cute babySo I had a big long think about why my baby would be constantly throwing food on the ground instead of eating it like a normal child. I always took it for granted that store bought food would be good enough for any baby so I would just go ahead and feed him that. But then I went on to do some research and I quickly figured out that there are lots of parents who create their own baby food in the convenience of their own home. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. It made for a good opportunity for me to try out some new stuff. I wanted to see if my baby would be interested in some fresh fruits and veggies that I had bought at the local super market. I figured there would be one big favorite in there. But you can’t be mashing up all those foods all by yourself all the time. I needed to get a food maker to help me puree all that stuff. I did not want to go through the effort of having to figure out which one was best myself, so I just went with the highest rated one that I could find on Amazon.

eating babyAnd guess what… it has worked very well! My babies have pretty specific tastes, apparently. They don’t want any of the jarred stuff from the store. They have to have their baby food home made and fresh and full of healthy nutrients. I don’t really mind though. I prepare this food for the coming weeks and I simply freeze all the rest for future use. Sometimes I prepare food for a week, other times for two weeks. You are freezing it, so you can potentially prepare food for up to four weeks or even more. Just so long as you label all the containers by day. This is a very simple way of feeding those children without having to lose all your precious time on it. I absolutely love it when I come up with solutions that require me to not have to think about anything at all anymore. It is so liberating! But a food processor alone is not going to get you all your time back. You can not afford to take out that thing every single day and make fresh food. You do need to freeze it in or the whole automation of the process will go to waste.

My own babies really love all sorts of fresh veggies. Think of tomatoes and carrots and whatnot. But they also love apples, pears, bananas and other fruits. Everybody’s children are different and I am sure that yours will have other preferences. Not that it really matters. The most important thing is that you get a variety of vegetables in your homemade baby food, because this is the only way to ensure your baby will get a complete set of nutrients. Every fruit and vegetable has its own set of nutrients, but no single fruit or veggie is going to have to have all of the nutrients required to raise a healthy child. So my advice is to mix up as many as you possibly can in that food.

When you feed your babies lots of healthy stuff, you can expect them to grow up fairly quickly. So you will soon require a bigger crib. I would always recommend a convertible crib, because you can resize those to match your baby’s length. This is so handy because now you don’t have to buy a new crib every single time your baby has a growth spurt! A convertible is a good, cheap solution to your growing baby’s sleeping needs.

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