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Artist Of The Month: Chloe Citrine

Posted by James on September 10, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Interview with Chloe If you were an animal, you would be…

Chloe: …undoubtedly, a cat. If you were a superhero, what would be your special power?

Chloe: …Flying. Failing that, ninja jumping. I would like to be reincarnated as…

Chloe: myself! Then I could not make the mistakes I have made and redo all the fun stuff I have done~! What would you do on a perfect day?

Chloe: Ride my bike to the shops, buy lots of goodies, then spend the rest of the afternoon in a cute café talking with my nearest and dearest about comic goodness. What can you not live without?

Chloe: I cannot live without my dear little cat, Bunny. From where do you get your inspiration?

Chloe: Looking and aborbing. The more you have seen, the more you are able to draw! Why do you draw?

Chloe: I have to get my brain junk out somewhere. What’s the secret to improving?

Chloe: Asking others. It sometimes takes another person’s eye to be able to see what you need to work on. Where are you ten years from now?

Chloe: In a bigger house with a better computer, a bigger graphics tablet and loads of pets! What’s your favourite work/project/character of your own creation?

Chloe: It’s always hard to choose a favourite character or project of mine as I try to give them all the same amount of favouritism… at a push, I always seem to go for Mr Sherbet from my manga Rainbow Carousel. Favourite work/project/character of someone else’s creation?

Chloe: I adore Eyeshield 21 by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. I never thought I’d ever cite a sports manga as a favourite, let alone one about a sport such as American football, but this manga has really captured my heart with its underlying themes of believing in your friends and never losing sight of your dreams. Who is your favourite artist/mangaka?

Chloe: Takeshi Obata (of Death Note, Hikaru no Go and Bakuman) is a fantastic artist – all his characters and their actions, no matter how subtle, are always so well realised. And he can make relatively undynamic things, such as writing in a notepad and playing Go, seem full of action. What are your current projects/most recent successes?

Chloe: My most recently released work is the short story Death’s Apprentice, printed as part of the Sweatdrop anthology Drop Dead Monstrous. I’m also continuing work on Rainbow Carousel as well as drafting out plans for a few other future projects… Must-have drawing supplies?

Chloe: My drawing tablet! A lot of people find them difficult to use but I took to it immediately and now couldn’t live without it! Colour or black and white?

Chloe: If there can be colour, I’ll put it everywhere! CG or hand drawn?

Chloe: CG without a doubt. When drawing with pencil I get frustrated by the lack of an undo tool. What would be your dream project?

Chloe: To draw a huge epic sports manga and get it serialised! What are your favourite manga/anime?

Chloe: Despite my girly artwork, I adore shonen manga. I love Naruto, Bleach, Eyeshield 21, Bakuman and D. Grayman Any manga must-haves?

Chloe: Great characters. Fantastic artwork and a fantastic plot will be appreciated, but well-rounded, realistic, relatable characters are what make a manga loved. Tell us about Rainbow Carousel at!

Chloe: Rainbow Carousel started out as an idea for a Rising Stars of Manga competition entry. When I began rounding out the characters I liked them far too much to contain them within only 20 pages! After a few false starts I began posting my pages up on and was astounded by the great community there. With their kind support as a platform, I applied to join Sweatdrop and have now done enough pages of RC for it to be released in book format! The story is an intertwined drama involving a large cast of characters and their interactions with the travelling alternative musical stage, the Rainbow Carousel. When did you first discover manga?

Chloe: I discovered the manga style through computer games when I was very young. I would copy illustrations from the game manuals and gaming magazines, as well as designing my own characters based on the games I liked best. At the age of twelve I discovered the nearby comic shop in Liverpool and thusly, any money I had was swiftly passed into their hands! What’s the most exciting thing on the UK manga scene at present?

Chloe: I’d say the creation of other small-press groups such as IndieManga making their mark on the scene and publishers such as Itch Studios coming along too. It’s great to see people actually getting their work out there in print and selling it at events and workshops! This is exactly how Sweatdrop grew up and it’s really exciting to see people breaking their way onto the UK small-press stage! It’s awesome to be at the beginning of these new developments in the UK manga scene!

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